The Vanishing Race - Joseph Kossuth Dixon

The Vanishing Race

The Vanishing Race

٠ ٠ 5 المؤلف: Joseph Kossuth Dixon
الكتاب الإليكتروني.
"The Vanishing Race" is a record in picture and story of the last great Indian council, participated in by eminent Indian chiefs from nearly every Indian reservation in the United States. This book also includes the story of their lives as told by themselves, their speeches and folklore tales, their solemn farewell, and the Indians' story of the Custer fight.

Indian Imprints a Glimpse Backward
The Story of the Chiefs
Chief Plenty Coups
Chief Red Whip
Chief Timbo
Chief Apache John
Chief Running Bird
Chief Brave Bear
Chief Umapine
Chief Tin-tin-meet-sa
Chief Runs-the-enemy
Chief Pretty Voice Eagle
Folklore Tales—sioux
Chief White Horse
Folklore Tales—yankton Sioux
Chief Bear Ghost
Chief Running Fisher
Bull Snake
Mountain Chief
Mountain Chief's Boyhood Sports
Chief Red Cloud
Chief Two Moons
The Story of the Surviving Custer Scouts
Folklore Tale—crow
Hairy Moccasin
The Indians' Story of the Custer Fight
The Last Great Indian Council
Indian Impressions of the Last Great Council
The Farewell of the Chiefs
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دار النشر: Madison & Adams Press
تاريخ الإصدار: 2018-04-17
ISBN رقم: 9788026888840

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