The History of Duelling (Vol.1&2) - J. G. Millingen

The History of Duelling (Vol.1&2)

The History of Duelling (Vol.1&2)

3 1 5 المؤلف: J. G. Millingen
الكتاب الإليكتروني.
The History of Duelling in two volumes is a historical work by British author J. G. Millingen. In this chronological account, author deals with the custom and tradition of duels from the dark age of civilization to the closest examples in modern age. Concerning the dueling among the ancients, author offers examples of Achilles fighting Hector, Turnus and Aeneas and other examples from Greek and Roman history. However, he makes a distinction between these legendary combat duels and later personal duels which were prompted by different causes and reasons. Religion and love are emphasized as two main triggers that caused numerous duels throughout the history. Due to sources and documents, the book mostly deals with duels in France and Britain, but also covers this practice and tradition in other European parts and countries.
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