The Best New True Crime Stories: Small Towns - Mitzi Szereto

The Best New True Crime Stories: Small Towns

The Best New True Crime Stories: Small Towns

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“Here be monsters! This brilliant collection of gruesome small-town misdeeds . . . will have you running for the comfort and safety of the big city.” —Peter Houlahan, author of Norco ’80

We’ve been told nothing bad happens in small towns. You can leave your doors unlocked, and your windows wide open. We picture peaceful hamlets with a strong sense of community, and everyone knows each other. But what if this wholesome idyllic image doesn’t always square with reality? Small towns might look and feel safe, but statistics show this isn’t really true.

From the vicious murderers of the Clutter family to Ted Bundy and his small-town charm, criminals have always roamed rural America and towns worldwide. Featuring murder stories, criminal case studies, and more, The Best New True Crime Stories: Small Towns contains all-new accounts from writers of true crime, crime journalism, and crime fiction. And these entries are not based on a true story—they are true stories. Edited by acclaimed author and anthologist Mitzi Szereto, the stories in this volume span the globe. Discover how unsolved murders, kidnapping, shooting sprees, violent robbery, and other bad things can and do happen in small towns all over the world.

“Mitzi Szereto has assembled a group of today’s brightest and best authors for this truly extraordinary anthology. Brilliant!” —Dan Zupansky, author and host of True Murder

“Chills. Endless chills.” —Cup of Books

“These well-researched, globe-trotting, bite-sized tales are perfect for a lazy summer afternoon?especially at a time when it’s much safer to travel through the pages of a book.” —Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
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