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Walter Wolf Series

Walter Wolf Series

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Walter Wolf Goes To School

Walter Wolf is concerned about his first day of school. His friend Billy Bear has made school sound like an awful place, but Walter gets advice from everyone before his first day and enters school with confidence. He even tells his friend Billy that he’ll help him too!

Walter Wolf Goes To School is a terrific story for your child as they enter their first day of school—helping to dispel some of the rumors they may be hearing and teaching them how to start their first day right. Full of beautiful, colorful illustrations, this book is sure to encourage your little one as they enter their own world of education.

Walter Wolf Goes to the Dentist

Walter Wolf is like any other four year old. He hates going to the dentist! Except he’s never actually gone before. But he’s heard how scary it is, full of drills aiming for his canines.

Imagine his surprise when his Mommy lets him skip the dentist appointment. But there’s a catch--to protect his teeth, he can’t have any candy! Walter discovers there are far worse things than going to the dentist after all.

Walter Wolf Goes to the Dentist is a light and funny tale that will charm kids aged 3-7 while teaching them there’s nothing to fear about going to the dentist.
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تاريخ الإصدار: 2019-10-25
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