The Lives of Famous Indian Chiefs: From Cofachiqui the Indian Princess to Geronimo - Norman B. Wood

The Lives of Famous Indian Chiefs: From Cofachiqui the Indian Princess to Geronimo

The Lives of Famous Indian Chiefs: From Cofachiqui the Indian Princess to Geronimo

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"Lives of Famous Indian Chiefs" is a collection of biographies of the influential and notable Native Americans starting with Cofachiqui, the Indian princess. This book brings numerous thrilling and interesting stories and anecdotes from Native American history. Finally the author offers several theories regarding the origin of Native Americans and their original homeland.

Cofachiqui, The Indian Princess

Powhatan, or Wah-Un-So-Na-Cook

Massasoit, The Friend of the Puritans

King Philip, or Metacomet, The Last of the Wampanoaghs

Pontiac, The Red Napoleon, Head Chief of the Ottawas and Organizer of the First Great Indian Confederation

Logan, or Tal-Ga-Yee-Ta, The Cayuga (Mingo) Chief, Orator and Friend of the White Man. Also a Brief Sketch of Cornstalk

Captain Joseph Brant, or Thay-En-Da-Ne-Gea, Principal Sachem of the Mohawks and Head Chief of the Iroquois Confederation

Red Jacket, or Sa-Go-Ye-Wat-Ha, "The Keeper Awake." The Indian Demosthenes, Chief of the Senecas

Little Turtle, or Michikiniqua, War Chief of the Miamis, and Conqueror of Harmar and St. Clair

Tecumseh, or "The Shooting Star, " Famous War-chief of the Shawnees, Organizer of the Second Great Indian Confederation and General in the British Army in the War of 1812

Black Hawk, or Ma-Ka-Tai-Me-She-Kia-Kiak, and His War

Shabbona, or Built Like a Bear, The White Man's Friend, a Celebrated Pottawatomie Chief

Sitting Bull, or Tatanka Yotanka, The Great Sioux Chief and Medicine Man

Chief Joseph, of the Nez Perces, or Hin-Mah-Too-Yah-Lat-Kekt, Thunder Rolling in the Mountains, The Modern Xenophon

Geronimo, or Go-Yat-Thlay, The Yawner, The Renowned Apache Chief and Medicine Man

Quanah Parker, Head Chief of the Comanches, With, an Account of the Captivity of His Mother, Cynthia Anne Parker, Known as "The White Comanche"

A Sheaf of Good Indian Stories From History

Indian Anecdotes and Incidents, Humorous and Otherwise

Whence Came the Aborigines of America?
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