No Sugar, Low Carb, No Guilt-Japanese-Style Desserts - Hisae Sakamoto

No Sugar, Low Carb, No Guilt-Japanese-Style Desserts

No Sugar, Low Carb, No Guilt-Japanese-Style Desserts

٠ ٠ 5 المؤلف: Hisae Sakamoto
الكتاب الإليكتروني.
It’s time to stop feeling guilty about eating desserts. As a patissier and nutritionist, Hisae Sakamoto recognises that many people struggle to balance their health and love for sweet treats. She came up with the perfect solution by creating low-sugar options for popular desserts.

While these creations look like and taste as delicious as their typical versions, they will be kinder on the body. No Sugar, Low Carb, No Guilt Japanese- Style Desserts is a collection of Hisae’s healthy, low-sugar recipes that can be made by beginners and experience bakers alike.

Practical tips and step-by-step photos make creating these delectable treats easy for everyone. Now you can have your cake and eat it too!
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