Ireland under the Tudors (Vol. 1-3) - Richard Bagwell

Ireland under the Tudors (Vol. 1-3)

Ireland under the Tudors (Vol. 1-3)

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The 3-volume book features a detailed historical account of one of the most turbulent periods in Irish history. The Tudor conquest (or reconquest) of Ireland took place under the Tudor dynasty, which held the Kingdom of England during the 16th century. Following a failed rebellion against the crown by Silken Thomas, the Earl of Kildare, in the 1530s, Henry VIII was declared King of Ireland in 1542 by the statute of the Parliament of Ireland, with the aim of restoring such central authority as had been lost throughout the country during the previous two centuries. Several people who helped establish the Plantations of Ireland also played a part later in the early colonization of North America, particularly a group known as the West Countrymen. Alternating conciliation and repression, the conquest continued for sixty years, until 1603, when the entire country came under the nominal control of James I.



The Reign of Henry VII

From the Accession of Henry VIII to the Year 1534

The Geraldine Rebellion, 1534-1535

From the Year 1536 to the Year 1540

End of Grey's Administration

1540 and 1541

1541 to the Close of the Reign of Henry VIII

The Irish Church under Henry VIII

From the Accession of Edward VI to the Year 1551

From the Year 1551 to the Death of Edward VI

The Reign of Mary

From the Accession of Elizabeth to the Year 1561


1564 and 1565


1570 and 1571

Foreign Intrigues


Administration of Fitzwilliam, 1574 and 1575

Administration of Sidney, 1575-1578

The Irish Church during the First Twenty Years of Elizabeth's Reign

Rebellion of James Fitzmaurice, 1579

The Desmond Rebellion, 1579-1580

The Desmond War 1580-1582

Government of Perrott, 1583-1588

The Invincible Armada

Administration of Fitzwilliam, 1588-1594

Government of Lord Burgh, 1597

General Rising under Tyrone, 1598-1599

Essex in Ireland, 1599

Government of Mountjoy, 1600-1601

The Spaniards in Munster, 1601-1602

The End of the Reign, 1602-1603

Elizabethan Ireland
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