The Woodworking, Wood Joinery and Woodturning Starter Handbook - Stephen Fleming

The Woodworking, Wood Joinery and Woodturning Starter Handbook

The Woodworking, Wood Joinery and Woodturning Starter Handbook

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Are you interested in Woodworking but are overwhelmed by the information present online?

I was precisely at the same place 5 years back when I started my journey in the Wood Crafting.

Over the years, I practiced various forms/branches of Woodworking, especially Joinery and Turning.

This book is the updated discussion on Woodworking as a whole, Wood Joinery, and Wood Turning.

After going through this book, you would start and complete your initial projects in Woodworking.

25 starter projects are explained step by step, along with photographs.

Below is the length and breadth of topics covered :

Topic 1: Woodworking For Beginners

Introduction: The history and details of various branches of Woodworking

All about the wood: How to choose them; Hardwood, Softwood, Plywood, MDF all explained

Woodworking tools: Hand and Power tool explained with best practices

Processes and Techniques: The complete workflow of the woodworking process along with a detailed explanation of the usage of each tool

Safety and Best Practices: This topic is highlighted throughout the book, and best practices with regards to hand and power tools explained in detail

Gluing and Finishing

Starter projects with step by step instructions

Glossary of woodworking tools, souces for downloading the free plan

Also, you can download my additional bonus booklet with additional plans for more projects

Topic 2: Wood Joinery For Beginners

Introduction to Joinery

Joinery tools: Type of tools and how to use them

Detailed discussion on 15 types of joinery: advantage,disadvantage,strength,usage etc.

Japanese Joinery: Introduction, types, pros, cons, and application

CNC wood joinery: Introduction, various kinds of CNC joinery,

Five starter joinery projects with step by step instructions

Glossary of joinery terms

Tips for beginners

Topic 3: Wood Turning For Beginners

Introduction to Wood Turning

Process & Techniques


Safety and Best Practices

Beginner Woodturning Projects

Tips, Glossary, and Conclusion

So, what are you waiting for? Get this 3 in 1 Woodworking book and as said in the woodworking community: Measure Twice and Cut Once and let's start the journey.
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دار النشر: Stephen Fleming
تاريخ الإصدار: 2020-08-22
ISBN رقم: 6610000270637

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