Rhyme and Reason: A Regency Romance - Jo Ann Ferguson

Rhyme and Reason: A Regency Romance

Rhyme and Reason: A Regency Romance

0 0 5 المؤلف: Jo Ann Ferguson
الكتاب الإليكتروني.
Emily Talcott has a sister to fire off into the season and a father whose gambling debts are threatening to bring the whole family to bankruptcy, and is secretly the author of the immensely popular books of poetry supposedly written by the French Marquis de la Cour. Damon, Lord Wentworth’s arrival in her life creates another complication—a very dangerous one, for she quickly realizes why the devilishly handsome viscount has gained the name of “Demon Wentworth.” He has a reputation for liking games of cards with high stakes and women with low morals. Now her father owes him for gambling losses. If only her newest book could earn enough to pay them off . . .

Everything gets complicated when an imposter claims to be the French poet. How can Emily denounce him? What if he takes her profits? What if his plan to marry her sister under false pretenses succeeds? Her only ally, though she cannot tell him the truth of her deception, is Damon. Like her, he is interested in halting the false marquis. He will not explain why, halting her questions with heated kisses. Suddenly Emily begins to realize how silly her poetry is, because it cannot compare with truly falling in love. Can she trust Damon to help her save her sister and not break her own heart?
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دار النشر: Open Road Distribution
تاريخ الإصدار: 2015-03-17
ISBN رقم: 9781504009058

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