The Fugitive

0 0 5 المؤلف: Massimo Carlotto
الكتاب الإليكتروني.
An extraordinary tale of life on the run from the author of the Alligator mysteries, the acclaimed crime writer with “a history as riveting as any novel” (Chicago Tribune).

Massimo Carlotto’s odyssey began in 1976 when, as a member of a militant leftwing organization that had fallen awry of the ruling powers, he was arrested and falsely accused of murder. Unwilling to play the role of fall guy in a political power struggle, he chose to flee the country rather than wait for a verdict that the whole country knew was a foregone conclusion. He first went into hiding in the French underworld and then made his way to a Mexico embroiled in bloody class conflict. Betrayed by a Mexican lawyer, he returned to Italy in 1985 and spent six years in prison, during which time the “Carlotto case” became Italy’s most famous legal fiasco.

Carlotto was finally freed with a presidential pardon in 1993. Subsequently, his case helped bring about significant changes to the Italian criminal code to ensure that similar judicial travesties would never happen again.

The Fugitive is the first book that Carlotto wrote as a free man. It tells his story with verve and humor. Virtually a handbook on how to live life on the run, The Fugitive is also a vibrant novel full of vivid underworld characters and breathtaking moments that Carlotto recounts in the cool, lucid prose that has become his trademark.

“A gripping tale, whether read as a novel or as a memoir . . . As exciting as that other Fugitive, this roman a clef combines compelling crime drama with a searing portrait of a justice system gone horribly wrong.” —Booklist
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تاريخ الإصدار: 2021-03-23
ISBN رقم: 9781609451738

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