The Forged Note: A Romance - Oscar Micheaux

The Forged Note: A Romance

The Forged Note: A Romance

٠ ٠ 5 المؤلف: Oscar Micheaux
الكتاب الإليكتروني.
"The Forged Note" is a semi-autobiographical novel that shows how Oscar Micheaux's property as a real-life Black pioneer in Dakota was acquired through forgery by his father-in-law, through the life-story of the protagonist, Sidney Wyeth. However, in the world of fiction there is still a possibility of love. Mildred awaits Sidney's return even after the revelation of the dark secret that tore them asunder. Will the two star-crossed lovers ever meet again? Keep reading!


"He sat at a desk in the small office he had taken. Before him were papers and bills—unpaid—and letters too, he had not opened, while to one side were others he had read, and had typed replies thereto. He had paused in his work, and was gazing stupidly at the litter before him. His name was Sidney Wyeth, and his home was away off in the great northwest, in a strip of territory known as the Rosebud Country. As we meet him now, however, he is located on the fifth floor of an office building, slightly toward the outskirts of the business district of one of our great American cities. He is by profession an author, which might explain his presence at a desk. It happens, however, that he is not there this time as a weaver of dreams, but attending to matter in connection with the circulation of his work, for he is his own publisher… "
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