We Own the Future: Democratic Socialism—American Style - Various Authors

We Own the Future: Democratic Socialism—American Style

We Own the Future: Democratic Socialism—American Style

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A stunningly original and timely collection that makes the case for "socialism, American style"

It's a strange day when a New York Times conservative columnist is forced to admit that the left is winning, but as David Brooks wrote recently, "the American left is on the cusp of a great victory." Among Americans under thirty, 43 percent had a favorable view of socialism, while only 32 percent had a favorable view of capitalism. Not since the Great Depression have so many Americans questioned the fundamental tenets of capitalism and expressed openness to a socialist alternative.

We Own the Future: Democratic Socialism—American Style offers a road map to making this alternative a reality, giving readers a practical vision of a future that is more democratic, egalitarian, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable. The book includes a crash course in the history and practice of democratic socialism, a vivid picture of what democratic socialism in America might look like in practice, and compelling proposals for how to get there from the age of Trump and beyond.

With contributions from some of the nation's leading political activists and analysts, We Own the Future articulates a clear and uncompromising view from the left—a perfectly timed book that will appeal to a wide audience hungry for change.

Table of Contents

Part I: Is a New America Possible?


Kate Aronoff, Peter Dreier, and Michael Kazin

How Socialists Changed America

Peter Dreier and Michael Kazin

Toward a Third Reconstruction

Andrea Flynn, Susan Holmberg, Dorian Warren, and Felicia Wong

A Three-Legged Stool for Racial and Economic Justice

Darrick Hamilton

Democratic Socialism for a Climate-Changed Century

Naomi Klein

Part II: Expanding Democracy

Governing Socialism

Bill Fletcher Jr.

We the People: Voting Rights, Campaign Finance, and Election Reform

J. Mijin Cha

Confronting Corporate Power

Robert Kuttner

Building the People's Banks

David Dayen

Democracy, Equality, and the Future of Workers

Sarita Gupta, Stephen Lerner, and Joseph A. McCartin

Who Gets to Be Safe? Prisons, Police, and Terror

Aviva Stahl

On Immigration: A Socialist Case for Open Borders

Michelle Chen

On Foreign Policy: War from Above, Solidarity from Below

Tejasvi Nagaraja

Part III: The Right to a Good Life

Livable Cities

Thomas J. Sugrue

What Does Health Equity Require? Racism and the Limits of Medicare for All

Dorothy Roberts

The Family of the Future

Sarah Leonard

Defending and Improving Public Education

Pedro Noguera

Reclaiming Competition: Sports and Socialism

David Zirin

What About a Well-Fed Artist? Imagining Cultural Work in a Democratic Socialist Society

Francesca Fiorentini

How Socialism Surged, and How It Can Go Further

Harold Meyerson

Afterword: A Day in the Life of a Socialist Citizen

Michael Walzer
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