The Redacted Sherlock Holmes: The Stage Plays - Orlando Pearson

The Redacted Sherlock Holmes: The Stage Plays

The Redacted Sherlock Holmes: The Stage Plays

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الكتاب الإليكتروني.
After the Redacted stories, the Redacted plays. Dramatisations of the works of Arthur Conan-Doyle, Shakespeare, Sophocles, and of Orlando Pearson.

A Scandal in Nova Alba - Did Macbeth really kill King Duncan? Sherlock Holmes investigates.

The Baron of Wimbledon - The story of a true German hero of the Nazi period. And a jaw-dropping revelation about the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler.

A Case of Complex Identity - Arthur Conan Doyle's A Case of Identity. And its shocking sequel, The Camberwell Tyrant.

The Bruce-Partington Diptych - Arthur Conan Doyle's espionage story, The Bruce-Partington Plans and its realpolitik inspired sequel, The Sleeper's Cache, featuring Mycroft as well as Sherlock Holmes.

A Perilous Engagement - more Machiavellian machinations as we see that there can be a whitewash at Whitehall.

Mr Devine's Original Problem - Sherlock Holmes is consulted by the most illustrious client of all.

Pearson's plays are ideal for private reading, Zoom broadcasting or production on stage or in the classroom with forces small or large.
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