Waterloo: Wellington's Victory and Napoleon's Last Campaign - Christopher Hibbert

Waterloo: Wellington's Victory and Napoleon's Last Campaign

Waterloo: Wellington's Victory and Napoleon's Last Campaign

٠ ٠ 5 المؤلف: Christopher Hibbert
قريبًا، كتاب جديد 2021-11-11.
The defining military engagement of the nineteenth century. The epic battle that forever ended one man’s dreams of a European empire unified under his rule.
This epoch-defining conflict would ultimately be remembered for the showdown between two of history’s most legendary commanders: the Duke of Wellington, and Napoleon Bonaparte.
Divided into three parts, Christopher Hibbert masterfully depicts first Napoleon and his rise to power, then a portrait of Wellington and the allied armies, and lastly the steps leading up to and the battle itself, the final clash on the fields of Waterloo.

A gripping, succinct and panoramic survey of this legendary battle, the history surrounding the conflict, and the personalities that defined both the battle itself, and a generation.
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