Letters of Eliza Southgate - Eliza Southgate

Letters of Eliza Southgate

Letters of Eliza Southgate

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الكتاب الإليكتروني.
Eliza Southgate Bowne was the writer of a series of charming letters which are now published with the subtitle of "A Girl's Life Eighty Years Ago". They give a delightfully vivacious picture of the aristocratic society of the early days of the Republic, the names of many belles and famous men appearing in the girl's correspondence. The letters here printed have more than the interest of contemporary records; they point inward, with a thousand delicate and sparkling touches, the portrait of a lively and beautiful girl, with a character as striking and individual as the face that Malbone has drawn for us on ivory. Never was a reigning beauty more spirited, never was a spirited girl of fashion more truly lovable, than Eliza Bowne.
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