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Journey Into Inner Space

Journey Into Inner Space

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الكتاب الإليكتروني.
We are pleased to announce publication of Journey Into Inner Space, a treasure chest of wisdom that draws on science, great literature, and spiritual understanding to reveal the journey of the soul.

This innovative Brahma Kumaris production is more than a conventional book. It has artwork that "comes alive" using a technology called Augmented Reality.

And the journey closes with a meditation led by Sister Jayanti, one of the world's most experienced teachers of Raja Yoga, gently guiding us towards our own, personal inner space.

Combining ancient and modern wisdom, the Journey offers both an explanation and an experience of what is meant by the inner life, the world of the spirit or soul, as compared with the physical world around us.

'Journey Into Inner Space is both important and timely in sharing the rapid convergence of leading-edge science and spirituality. This new story, based on the latest scientific discoveries at all scales of existence and within many fields of research, is revealing that mind and consciousness aren't something we have - but rather what we and the whole world are.
As well as being illustrated with beautiful artwork, the book offers an Augmented Reality feature that allows the reader to experience the essence of its message through animations and spoken commentaries.
In showing that the physical realm is the manifestation of a deeper, unified, informational and intentional reality, the Journey confirms meaning and purpose to our existence, and that of our entire Universe.'
- Dr Jude Currivan, cosmologist and author of The Cosmic Hologram

In my own journey through life
I have been fortunate to be guided at various stages
by wise and compassionate people
who were able to show me that one is moved to act at various levels
in one's consciousness.

At several 'lower' levels of consciousness one's urgent priority
is to survive and fight or flee
and then, one might mature,
using intellect and logic to work out what is out there.

However there is a deeper and yet higher path to the good life and bliss.
The short, concise, animated book 'Journey into Inner Space'
is a delightful introduction to this path
and shows that human wisdom knows this from science, art and spirituality.

I have had a long association with Business and Politics and have found
that when acting from this holistic understanding,
one acts with more compassion and inclusivity
and everything one tries to do
is for the benefit of all beings for all time .

This is the only way the Planet and our species will survive.
'Journey into Inner Space' helps one to experience this.

Lord Andrew Stone
Parliamentarian, London U.K.

"Each of us journeys towards God on our chosen path. As we come nearer the Holy One, words that easily cause division become less important and increasingly, instead of picturing God as external to us, we sense God's presence in the silence of the heart. We recognise that we and all others are 'eternal beings whose true nature is peace, love and happiness.'
"At whatever stage you are on your journey, this easy-to-read book will help you to explore your inner space more deeply."
- Rev Dr Marcus Braybrooke, President,
World Congress of Faiths
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دار النشر: BK Publications
تاريخ الإصدار: 2019-05-01
ISBN رقم: 9781912187089

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