Crypt of Bone: An ARKANE Thriller Book 2

Crypt of Bone: An ARKANE Thriller Book 2

Crypt of Bone: An ARKANE Thriller Book 2

J.F. Penn
الكتاب الإليكتروني

Two billion people are about to die… and they’re the lucky ones.

When a man in a hospital gown jumps to his death from the Western Wall in Israel, the authorities think it’s just another victim of Jerusalem Syndrome: a religious psychosis triggered by a visit to the holy city.

But when a second victim ritually disembowels himself, it’s the sign of much worse to come. Thanatos — a fanatical group dedicated to the destruction of the world — is on the move again.

The only ones who can stop them are ex-Israeli military psychologist, Oxford professor, and religious expert Morgan Sierra; and Jake Timber, agent of ARKANE, the British agency tasked with investigating — and sometimes saving the world from — the supernatural.

Last time, Morgan and Jake worked together to stop Thanatos from bringing about a dark version of Pentecost. This time, Thanatos is mixing science with sacrilege — combining the Devil’s Bible with mind-control technology to murder a quarter of the human race.

Together, Morgan and Jake will travel from the hallowed halls of Oxford, to the labs of a biotech company with a dark agenda, to a chapel made of human bones. They’ll go anywhere, do anything, to stop Thanatos.

But they have to hurry.

Thanatos is on the rise. Apocalypse is at the gates. And the only way to save a quarter of the world is for Morgan to uncover the secrets of her past… at the cost of her own future. Death awaits in a Crypt of Bone.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author J.F. Penn draws you deeper into darkness with Crypt of Bone, the second of the ARKANE adventures. Tap the link, grab your copy, and discover what you’ve been missing in this standalone adventure!

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