How to Play with Baby?: Games From 1 Month to 1 Year

How to Play with Baby?: Games From 1 Month to 1 Year

How to Play with Baby?: Games From 1 Month to 1 Year

Suzy Makó
الكتاب الإليكتروني

Hello mommies.

In this book, I will describe very important and popular questions that young mommies are usually concerned by.

This book was prepared for every mommy which wants to make her baby happy. I´m sure that this book will bring you worthful information and new wind into the most amazing time in your life. The time to be a mommy.

I am hearing these popular questions everywhere from young mommies. How to play with your little treasures to make their time funnier? Let your baby sleep better after lots of fun. Sometimes fresh mothers sign to their babies popular baby songs. This is an awesome activity. The baby will know your voice, listen to you, spend time with you. You can sign everything popular what your mom has sung to you as well. But just signing the same songs repeatedly can become boring. In this book, I will describe how to play with a baby just with the things you have at home.

We will learn amazing activities month after month in our baby's life. Make your baby happy and enjoy the time with your treasure. Your baby will be happy with the games you will learn in this book. These games will improve your baby's motor skills, communication skills, concentration, intelligence, creativity, imagination, and memory. Your baby will sleep better, as never before, thanks to spending time with its mommy and whilst playing nice, cute and worthful games.

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