The Third Girl عينة صوتية

The Third Girl

The Third Girl

Nell Goddin
Becket Royce
كتاب صوتي

Meet Molly Sutton, 38 years old and out of work, who moves to the French village of Castillac to recover from the end of her marriage. She’s looking for peace, beautiful gardens, and pastry—but she's barely gotten over jet-lag when a local girl goes missing.

In between getting her old ramshackle house in order and reveling in French food, Molly ends up embroiled in the case, along with the gendarmes of Castillac. And unlike the Nancy Drews she loved as a child, this mystery stirs up emotions she thought had been put to rest. . and terrifies the residents of her beloved village.

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Nell Goddin
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6ساعة 34دقيقة
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