Twisted Rhymes عينة صوتية

Twisted Rhymes

جرّب التطبيق

Twisted Rhymes

Harp Roberts
Erica MorrowBob Harper
كتاب صوتي

52 Minutes of Masterful Audio Entertainment!10 Lavishly Produced and Chilling Tales… Twisted in Rhyme

SIRUS/XM: "These tales play like movies in your mind" "Hollywood Caliber Production!"

AUDIOFILE MAGAZINE: "A truly haunting theatrical experience" "Highly Recommended!"

AMAZING STORIES MAGAZINE: "Masterful Voice Acting and Sound Design!"

YET ANOTHER BOOK REVIEW: "Frightfully enjoyable, refreshingly different!"

Royal Blood: Journey to a medieval castle ball followed by a king's private soiree of utter madness. 4:50

Cobwebs & Candlelight: A woman's ghost haunts an 1860s country house. A horseman arrives and attempts to relieve her tortured soul. 5:46

Patient #9: A woman's car dies in a dark forest. She seeks help at the only house nearby but soon discovers it's abandoned, or is it? 3:57

When The Full Moon Comes Rising: A medieval woman, turned witch, avenges the unjust killing of her husband with the help of a ghastly cadre of the living dead. 7:05

Captain MacKnee: A sea captain shares a secret with his mate that has haunted him for years and may just be the death of him. 3:15

Voodoo: Two thieves steal a solid-gold figurine from island natives who just happen to be Voodoo practitioners. 4:32

Musical Murder Mystery: New York City musicians are being murdered and a detective is puzzled by a repetitive, musical clue. 4:22

In Laredo, 1857: A dying man arrives on horseback in the dead of night and the town marshal soon discovers why. 4:18

Cup a' Joe: A drowsy, traveling salesman stops by a roadside diner for a cup a' joe. He soon senses impending danger and acts fast to hide his fear. 4:34

And Nothing More: A retired cop tries debunking tales of ghosts at an Irish bed & breakfast. 9:32

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Bob Harper Productions
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    Hitta storyn som passar just dig

    Henrik Karlsson

    "Har precis startat en provperiod hos Storytel och det är det bästa jag någonsin gjort. Att lyssna ger mig full koncentration på boken samtidigt som jag kan pyssla med annat."

    Birgitta Johansson

    "Det bästa som har hänt mig på länge. Dessutom lyssnar jag på böcker som jag nog aldrig hade kommit mig för att läsa annars. Jag lyssnar i bilen, på promenaden eller när jag städar."

    Birgitta Lindh

    "Jag och min man delar familjeabonnemanget och har haft Storytel i 5-6 år. Vi är så nöjda med både appen och Readern. Här finns ett stort bokutbud som passar oss båda!"