Life Among the Indians - George Catlin

Life Among the Indians

Life Among the Indians

5 1 5 Автор: George Catlin
Life Among the Indias was written as a result of a demand for a book of facts on the character and condition of the American Indians. George Catlin (1796-1872) was an American painter, author, and traveler, who specialized in portraits of Native Americans in the Old West. Travelling to the American West five times during the 1830s, Catlin was the first white man to depict Plains Indians in their native territory.

The Indians of America
My Adventure With the First Indian I Ever Saw
How the Indians Build Their Wigwams
Indian Warfare — Scalps and Scalping
Medicine Men — "Drawing Fire From the Sun"
How the Indians Paint Themselves — The Prairies
Catching Wild Horses — A Buffalo Hunt
An Adventure With Bears
The Mandan Indians — The Chief's Tale
The Sioux Indians — A Challenge!
Pipe-stone Quarry — "The Thunder's Nest" — "Stone Man Medicine"
A Ride to the Camanchees — A False Alarm
A Solitary Bide on "Charley" Across the Prairies
A Journey Down the Orinoco — The "Handsome Dance"
En Route for the Amazon — The "Medicine Gun"
Rio Trombutas — Adventures With a Tiger and a Rattlesnake
Still en Route for the Amazon — An Adventure With Peccaries
On the Amazon
The Indians of the Amazon — Poisoned Arrows
Red Indians in London
Red Indians in Paris
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Издателство: Madison & Adams Press
Публикувана: 2018-04-23
ISBN: 9788026892694

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