Humans and Other Animals - Paul Edward Gainor

Humans and Other Animals

Humans and Other Animals

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Advance praise for "HUMANS and other ANIMALS"

"(Gainor)'s insights into the behavior of both humans and animals are philosophical and humorous .... I guarantee you will never look at a badger, or a cuiza, or a sandpiper in the same way ever again ..... An unforgettable emotional journey.... You will be rewarded with laughter, perhaps a tear or two, and an abundance of joy."

-Susan Appleyard, author of historical fiction, including "In a Gilded Cage," "Queen of Trial and Sorrow," "The First Plantagenet," "Dark Spirit: Ludwig II, the Mad King of Bavaria," "The Remorseless Queen," and "This Sun of York"

"Poet Paul Edward Gainor touches upon those special moments that only a poet could describe with such simplicity and beauty. We have a connection to our world, our earth. In the end our human race is judged by our compassion for all living things.... A wonderful collection of tender moments. I was deeply moved."

-Joylene Nowell Butler, award-winning author of psychological thrillers: "Dead Witness," "Maski: Broken But Not Dead," "Matowak: Woman Who Cries," and "steampunk anthology, Break Time"

"This book is the Porsche of poetry.... When a book ... causes a smile, has me laughing out loud and brings a tear to my eye, I'm hooked! 'HUMANs and other ANIMALS' is that book."

-Brenda C. Hill, editor, writing coach and co-author of "SUCCESS: Your Path to a Successful Book" and "Cooking Secrets: The Why and How."
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Публикувана: 2017-10-23
ISBN: 9780999476697

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