Searching for Nova Albion - Pamela Cranston

Searching for Nova Albion

Searching for Nova Albion

0 0 5 Автор: Pamela Cranston
5th Place Winner of the 2020 Writer's Digest Poetry Contest and a Semi-finalist in the 2020 National Poetry Society of Virginia Poetry Contest

The title Searching for Nova Albion comes from a pilgrimage Pamela Cranston, an Episcopal priest, once made to Drake's Beach near Point Reyes, California. There, in 1579, Sir Francis Drake landed the first English ship in North America, which he called Nova Albion (New Britain). The title poem is a protest against abuses of the environment and of power, wherever and whenever they happen.

Inspired by the works of George Herbert, Gerard Manley Hopkins, R. S. Thomas, David Scott, and Rowan Williams, the author aspires to follow in their footsteps as a fellow poet-priest. Searching for Nova Albion displays a distinctive kind of spiritual sensibility found both within twentieth century English classical music and the Northern California landscape.

These poems display a love for the roots and beauty of the English language, as well as an appreciation for the mystical, but also keep a critical eye to question, laugh with, or doubt Christian tradition. Common themes that arise are unexpected encounters with nature and the numinous; questions about life, death, and eternity; writing and finding one's voice; dealing with loss and defeat; and the recompense of joy.
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Издателство: Resource Publications
Публикувана: 2019-07-12
ISBN: 9781532684210

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