Hispanic Ministry and the Future of the Catholic Church - Kenneth G. Davis

Hispanic Ministry and the Future of the Catholic Church

Hispanic Ministry and the Future of the Catholic Church

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Fr. Ken Davis, who came to understand the vital importance of Hispanic ministry in his own life and work, organizes his ideas into a course you will find compelling, fun, and information-packed.

Hispanics make up over 35% of the Catholic Church in the United States. This group of culturally rich and diverse people continues to play a role in the country and the Catholic Church.

Fr. Kenneth Davis, O.F.M. , Conv. , has been involved in Hispanic ministry for many, many years. He is a valuable source in understanding how the Catholic Hispanic population in America is affecting the Church, and how this fascinating group of believers can be understood and embraced.

Fr. Davis broaches sensitive topics such as immigration law, masculinity within the Hispanic male population, as well as Hispanic youth and young adults, who make up over 50% of the Church's young people. These lessons are all presented along with many endearing anecdotes and personal stories from Fr. Davis.

With these 12 25-minute lectures, you will have the opportunity to prepare yourself for what Fr. Davis thinks is the future of the Catholic Church. You will learn to embrace this group with open arms, just as the Our Lord and the bishops have taught us to do.

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Публикувана: 2011-03-02
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