Love Yourself Sober - Kate Baily, Mandy Manners

Love Yourself Sober

Love Yourself Sober

4 2 5 Автор: Kate Baily, Mandy Manners Разказвач: Rose Romain
Are you sick of thinking about drinking?
Have you tried to cut down or stop, but just can’t seem to?
Do you want to learn to love being sober?
Now you can, with this empowering self-care guide at your side.

This book is for anyone, whether they are sober-curious, already sober or considering becoming sober.

Broken into four parts, you will discover, how to:
Understand your relationship with alcohol, including grey-area drinking.
Use the full sober toolkit to help you build and sustain your sober life.
Stay sober, particularly on high days and holidays, and rediscover who you are without alcohol.
Fine-tune your toolkit to make it perfect for you and your new life.

Brimming with wellness strategies, exercises, tips and tools alongside coaching advice, you will learn how it feels to stop drinking and reclaim your wellbeing.

"Upbeat, wise and empathetic... a best sober buddy in your pocket" - Clare Pooley, author of The Sober Diaries.

"An amazingly helpful, refreshing and positive book ..." Lucy Rocca, Soberistas
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Издателство: W. F. Howes Ltd
Публикувана: 2020-10-29
Дължина: 9ч. 16мин.
ISBN: 9781004028627

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