FROM DUNWICH TO INNSMOUTH - 8 novellas and stories - Michael Minnis

FROM DUNWICH TO INNSMOUTH - 8 novellas and stories

FROM DUNWICH TO INNSMOUTH - 8 novellas and stories

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She grabbed my hand, pulling me with her to the side of the road, so that we resembled two small, huddled, frightened children, haunted by the mad dance of the wind and the crippled trees.
The pale white sun peeked out from behind a bulwark of clouds, but even its presence was no comfort - "Don't look at it," Sarah whispered.
"The sun?"
"The sky. Don't look at it. It's where they come from. The sky. The air. They see everything. He sees everything..."
"Sarah?", I asked, startled. "Sarah, what's going on?"

The terrified narrator's account of nameless horrors in Dunwich in the story The Girl Who Ran In Circles kicks off a round of new stories and novellas that do not conceal, even in their titles, that they follow H. P. Lovecraft's stories.
Others evoke nameless horrors of an apocalyptic future or tell new fantastic adventures from the land of Averoigne - a fictional counterpart to a historical province in France - which appeared in a series of short stories from Clark Ashton Smith.
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Публикувана: 2021-02-23
ISBN: 9783748775324

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