The Capitals of the Confederacy: A History - Michael C. Hardy

The Capitals of the Confederacy: A History

The Capitals of the Confederacy: A History

0 0 5 Автор: Michael C. Hardy
“A handy, all-in-one reference on the Confederate capitals . . . Rich details and effective anecdotes . . . evok[e] a real sense of the people, places, and events” (The Civil War Monitor).

The Confederate States of America boasted five capital cities in four years. The center of the Confederate government moved from one Southern city to another, including Montgomery, Richmond, Danville, Greensboro, and Charlotte. From the heady early days of the new country to the dismal last hours of a transient government, each city played a role in the Confederate story. While some of these sites are commemorated with impressive monuments and museums, others offer scant evidence of their importance in Civil War history. Join award-winning historian Michael C. Hardy as he recounts the harrowing history of the capitals of the Confederacy.

Includes photos!
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Издателство: The History Press
Публикувана: 2019-01-23
ISBN: 9781625854322

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