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The author of Trigger Point delivers “an anxiety-inducing thriller about global warming [that] effectively taps a hot topic and handles it with flair” (Publishers Weekly).

November, 2032. Joe Benton has just been elected the forty-eighth president of the United States. Only days after winning, his predecessor reveals that estimates regarding the effect of global warming have been grossly underestimated. For the United States, a leading carbon emitter for decades, the prospects are devastating. Miami will be washed into the ocean and southern California will waste away to desert; the relocation of thirty million citizens will cost trillions of dollars. With the world on the verge of catastrophe, Benton abandons the Kyoto 4 summit and resumes secret negotiations with China—the world’s worst polluter. As the two superpowers lock horns, the ensuing battle of wits becomes a race against time.

Ultimatum is a prophetic thriller that explores the most pressing issue of the twenty-first century. In a convincing and compelling narrative, it moves from top secret Oval Office meetings to clandestine talks in Norway and tense negotiations in Beijing. Ultimatum is an unsettling thriller that steers us into the dark heart of political intrigue and a future that is all too believable.

“Fans of political thrillers will flock to this one, which combines realistic characters with shrewd political commentary. ” —Booklist
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Издателство: Grove Press
Публикувана: 2020-02-26
ISBN: 9780802199850

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