The Quest for Anna Klein - Thomas H. Cook

The Quest for Anna Klein

The Quest for Anna Klein

0 0 5 Автор: Thomas H. Cook
On the eve of WWII, an international plot leads to a deadly obsession: “Nobody tells a story better than Thomas H. Cook” (Michael Connelly, New York Times–bestselling author of Two Kinds of Truth).

It’s 1939 and the world is on the brink of war, but Thomas Danforth is in New York City living a fortunate life. The well-traveled son of a wealthy importer, he’s in his twenties and running the family business, looking forward to a bright future. Then, during a snowy evening walk along Gramercy Park, a friend makes a fateful request—and involves Thomas in a dangerous idea that could change the fates of millions.

Thomas is to provide access to his secluded Connecticut mansion, where a mysterious woman will receive training in firearms and explosives. Thus begins an international plot carried out by the strange and alluring Anna Klein—a plot that will ensnare Thomas in more ways than one. When it all goes wrong and Anna disappears, he will travel far from home once again, but this time, into a war-torn world that is far more dangerous, in this story by an Edgar Award-winning author known for his “piercing thrillers” (New York Daily News).

“No other suspense writer takes readers as deeply into the heart of darkness as Thomas H. Cook. ” —Chicago Tribune
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Издателство: Mariner Books
Публикувана: 2018-06-01
ISBN: 9780547549224

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