The Great Western Society: A Tale of Endeavour & Success - Anthony Burton

The Great Western Society: A Tale of Endeavour & Success

The Great Western Society: A Tale of Endeavour & Success

0 0 5 Автор: Anthony Burton
This chronicle of one of England’s most popular railway museums tells the remarkable story of four friends who turned their boyhood dream into reality.

Located in the Didcot Railway Centre in Oxfordshire, England, the Great Western Society is dedicated to preserving the steam locomotives and other artifacts of Great Western Railway. Starting in the 1830s and operating well into the 20h century, G.W.R. brought a sense of romance to train travel as it connected London to Western England and Wales. But while this British railway company is truly legendary, The Great Western Society has a fascinating history of its own.

Formed in 1960, The Great Western Society was founded by a group of schoolboys who wanted to save a Great Western Tank locomotive and an auto trailer. A letter they sent to The Railway Magazine proposing their idea led to one of Britain’s most successful heritage railway projects. Today that original project has blossomed into the best collection of Great Western rolling stock and locomotives in the world.
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Издателство: Pen & Sword Transport
Публикувана: 2020-11-12
ISBN: 9781526719478

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