Living God's Word, Second Edition Discovering Our Place in the Great Story of Scripture - J. Daniel Hays, J. Scott Duvall

Living God's Word, Second Edition Discovering Our Place in the Great Story of Scripture

Living God's Word, Second Edition Discovering Our Place in the Great Story of Scripture

0 0 5 Автор: J. Daniel Hays, J. Scott Duvall Разказвач: Roy Worley
Living God's Word is your pathway to read the Bible as it was meant to be read: as God's Great Story. Many Christians resolve to study the Bible more fervently, but often struggle to grasp the progression of Scripture as a whole. They encounter various passages each week through unrelated readings, studies, and sermons and it all feels disconnected. But once they see the Bible as God's Great Story, they begin to understand how it all fits together and they start see how their own lives fit into what God has done and is doing in the world.

In Living God's Word, Second Edition, New Testament scholar J. Scott Duvall and Old Testament expert J. Daniel Hays help Christians consider how their lives can be integrated into the story of the Bible, thus enabling them to live faithfully in deep and important ways. Living God's Word explores the entire Bible through broad themes that trace the progression of God's redemptive plan. Each section deals with a certain portion of Scripture's story and includes:

• Reading/listening preparation
• Explanation
• Summary
• Observations about theological significance
• Connections to the Great Story
• Written assignments for further study

These features--combined with the authors' engaging style—make Living God's Word an ideal book for those who want to understand the Bible better, for introductory college courses, Sunday school electives, or small group study. Further enhance the learning experience with the Living God's Word WORKBOOK (sold separately) which contains additional questions and exercises to help you reflect on the topics in Living God's Word.

Accompanying images, tables, discussion questions, writing assignments, further reading, and memory verses are available in the audiobook companion PDF download.
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Издателство: Zondervan Academic
Публикувана: 2021-06-01
Дължина: 15ч. 30мин.
ISBN: 9780310132660

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