In All Things First: No. 1 Squadron at War, 1939–45 - Peter Caygill

In All Things First: No. 1 Squadron at War, 1939–45

In All Things First: No. 1 Squadron at War, 1939–45

0 0 5 Автор: Peter Caygill
In All Things First' looks in detail at 1 Squadron during the Second World War with particular emphasis on the pilots and its operational activities. 1 Squadron was active from a very early stage when it flew to France on 8 September 1939 as part of the Advanced Air Striking Force and played a significant role in the Battle of France. Unlike most other squadrons that fought in France, it also played a major part in the Battle of Britain in 11 Group. Later in the war, the Squadron had considerable success in the night intruder role and also took part in the defense against hit-and-run raiders. It was highly active over occupied Europe carrying out Rhubarb and Ramrod operations including the dive bombing of V-1 installations. When the V-1 campaign began 1 Squadron was the highest scoring Spitfire squadron. During the Second World War it flew the Hawker Hurricane from 1939-42 before converting to the Typhoon. In early 1944 it received Spitfire IXs and ended the war with the Griffon-powered Spitfire F.21. The main parts of the book are as follows: 1) Early Days - a brief look at the history of 1 Squadron up to 1939, 2) The First Team - pilot profiles, 3) The Phoney War - Blitzkrieg - The Withdrawal from France, 4) The Battle of Britain, 5) Sweeps and Circuses in 1941, 6) Night Intruders, 7) The Typhoon - combat with Fw 190 Jabos and Ramrods, 8) The Spitfire, 9) The V-1 Campaign and conversion to the Spitfire F.21, 10) The Post War Years - the No.1 Squadron story brought up to date. There will also be extensive appendices to include aircraft losses, details of selected operations and pilot escape and evasion.
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Издателство: Pen & Sword Aviation
Публикувана: 2020-01-24
ISBN: 9781844688128

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