Armoured Warfare and Hitler's Allies, 1941–1945 - Anthony Tucker-Jones

Armoured Warfare and Hitler's Allies, 1941–1945

Armoured Warfare and Hitler's Allies, 1941–1945

0 0 5 Автор: Anthony Tucker-Jones
This WWII pictorial history sheds light on the armored fighting vehicles built and deployed by Italy, Hungary and other Axis powers on the Eastern Front.

In discussions of Second World War military vehicles, German, American and British tanks are given the most focus. Meanwhile, the tanks, self-propelled guns and armored cars built and deployed by Hitler’s Axis allies, have been almost forgotten. Both the rarity of these fighting vehicles and the vital roles they played in battle make them a fascinating subject of photographic history.

This selection of previously unpublished wartime photographs provides a visual record of the armored forces thrown into action by Hitler’s allies on the Eastern Front from 1941 to 1945. Illustrated here are the panzers deployed by Bulgaria, Finland, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy and Romania on the Eastern Front and in the Balkans. Hungary’s home-made armor included the Toldi and Turán tanks and Zrínyi self-propelled guns. The Italians produced CV-33 tankettes, Semovente self-propelled guns, Autoblinda and Lancia armored cars and a series of tanks. Romanian and Czech tanks and assault guns were also deployed.
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Издателство: Pen & Sword Military
Публикувана: 2020-01-24
ISBN: 9781783468997

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