Flying Start: A Fighter Pilot's War Years - Hugh Dundas

Flying Start: A Fighter Pilot's War Years

Flying Start: A Fighter Pilot's War Years

0 0 5 Автор: Hugh Dundas
“A personal and vivid view of the Royal Air Force’s (RAF) engagement of the Luftwaffe in World War II … Exciting, valuable, and good reading. ” —Library Journal

This is the autobiography of Group Captain Sir Hugh Dundas CBE, DSO, DFC, who was one of the most distinguished fighter pilots of World War II. He writes of his wartime experiences, and particularly of his period as Squadron Leader and Wing Commander and his involvement in the Battle of Britain.

“It was a stirring life of comradeship and high adventure but with death ever-present, riding on the wings of these knights of the sky. Dundas captures the atmosphere of those days and the feelings and fears of the men who flew in combat. The world should never forget what the RAF did and it is good that books such as this are being republished to a new generation of readers who never lived through the days of Hugh Dundas. ” —Yorkshire Gazette and Herald

“It stands out from many other accounts of war-time air operations because of its very clear coverage of events both at the fighting and at the operational levels … It is a gripping tale well told, and one that easily holds the reader’s attention throughout. ” —The Bulletin (Military Historical Society)

“This is an important book for historians and enthusiasts, but it is also an important social history of a period that is rapidly passing into history as those who were there and survived now approach the end of their life. ” —Firetrench
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Издателство: Pen & Sword Aviation
Публикувана: 2020-01-24
ISBN: 9781844687169

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