Rooms Without A View - Augustine Nash

Rooms Without A View

Rooms Without A View

0.0 0 5 Автор: Augustine Nash
The angel sat studying them all, then he began, 'Each one of you here will be inspected on your earthly life, just like the tests you did at school. At this point in the proceedings you will remember the years you lived and how you lived them.'' 'The Artful Dodgems', a young street crew decide to deface some monuments in their local cemetery. Little do they know, a skeleton is watching them and it decides to make them pay for their sins. Bootlegger, The Artful Dodgems' newest member is the first to pay and is soon followed by his fellow gang members. They are picked off one by one, sent to a 'middle ground' between Heaven and Hell while they are shown the consequences of their actions and are judged on their life on Earth. Where they end up, and what happens next is up to them... This book was written on my fathers flippant word ' I bet theses graves have some stories to tell'.
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Публикувана: 2014-01-05
ISBN: 9781783014255

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