The NLP Pocket Handbook - Jeremy Lazarus

The NLP Pocket Handbook

The NLP Pocket Handbook

3.67 6 5 Автор: Jeremy Lazarus
Have the key NLP techniques at your fingertips with this 80 page reference guide. The NLP Pocket Handbook is perfect for NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners and Trainers. Written by an NLP Master Trainer.

No need to carry heavy manuals with you, or to wonder if you've missed an important step of an NLP process. Simply look at the relevant page to refresh your memory and prepare for, or carry on working with, your client.

The NLP Pocket Handbook includes topics like NLP Presuppositions, using NLP ecologically, Well-formed goals, Eye patterns, Submodalities, Swish pattern, Neuro-logical levels, Anchoring (resource, collapse and chaining), Perceptual positions, the various language models (Hierarchy of Ideas/chunking, linguistic presuppositions, Meta and Milton models), the Fast Phobia cure, Strategies, Framing and Reframing, Parts Integration, Values, Meta Programmes, Modelling, Sleight of Mouth, various Belief change techniques, Time Line interventions and the various applications of NLP (business, coaching, health, sport, education and relationships).
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Публикувана: 2014-10-04
ISBN: 9781910026014

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