Hide Her Name - Nadine Dorries

Hide Her Name

Hide Her Name

4.59 17 5 Автор: Nadine Dorries Разказвач: Emma Gregory
The gripping sequel to bestselling THE FOUR STREETS. Shot through with darkness, but also humour, warmth and charm. In the Four Streets in Liverpool, a dreadful murder has been committed, and 14-year-old Kitty Doherty is pregnant with the dead man's child. This secret is so dangerous that her mother, Maura, and the redoubtable Kathleen, her best friend Nellie's grandmother, decide the girls must be spirited away quietly to Ireland to await the birth of the baby. But back in Liverpool, the police are not giving up their search for the truth. Somewhere, in this tight-knit Irish Catholic community, someone must know something. Someone surely will talk one day. The streets are alive with gossip and rumour and it isn't easy to keep a secret that big. Can't wait for the next one? THE BALLYMARA ROAD is out now! What people are saying about HIDE HER NAME: 'The events of the book are still with me days after finishing it, such a compelling read I cannot recommend it enough' 'This book is just as strong as Four Streets and had me hooked straight away' 'This is a powerful novel which challenges the emotions of its reader; feelings of anger, sadness, joy' 'I also liked the gentle humour that emerged - very much a feature of the gallows humour of that time'
Език: Английски Категория: Романи Поредица: The Four Streets Trilogy: 2 Преводач:

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Издателство: Lamplight Audiobooks
Публикувана: 2014-12-04
Дължина: 11ч. 33мин.
ISBN: 9781471279690

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Издателство: Head of Zeus
Публикувана: 2014-11-01
ISBN: 9781781857601

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