A Feeling of Me : Mindfulness for Children - Caroline Midbeck, Anna Bjärkvik

A Feeling of Me : Mindfulness for Children

A Feeling of Me : Mindfulness for Children

3,65 20 5 Автор: Caroline Midbeck, Anna Bjärkvik
How does it feel to have your feet tickled? Why do you sometimes get angry? And what does it sound like when you cover your ears and breathe deeply?

A Feeling of Me lets children discover their bodies and get to know themselves. Open-ended questions create time for reflection, which strengthens the child’s self-esteem and provides tools for finding an inner calm. Inspired by mindfulness and yoga, the book encourages physical and sensory experiences where both you and your child will have the opportunity to get in touch with yourselves.

Anna Bjärkvik is a yoga instructor and entrepreneur. Her experience as a child was that grown-ups were rarely interested in talking about life, the body and the inner self. When she became a mother herself, there was also born a driving force to help both grown-ups and children to get to know their inner child.

The text is accompanied by wonderful pictures, illustrated by the artist Caroline Midbeck.
Език: Английски Категория: За деца Оригинално заглавие: En känsla av mig Преводач: Tara Chace

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Издателство: Ehrlin Publishing
Публикувана: 2018-05-17
ISBN: 9789188375322

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