The George Bernard Shaw Collection - George Bernard Shaw

The George Bernard Shaw Collection

The George Bernard Shaw Collection

3,71 14 5 Автор: George Bernard Shaw Разказвач: Simon Templeman, Kirsten Potter, Robin Sachs, Martin Jarvis, Roger Rees, Roy Dotrice, Kenneth Danziger, Shannon Cochran, W. Morgan Sheppard, Kate Burton, Roslyn Alexander, Sarah Zimmerman, Jane Carr, Richard Dreyfuss, Joy Gregory, JoBeth Williams, Jeremy Sisto, Bruce Davison, Anne Heche, Ben Whitehouse, Dakin Matthews, Nicholas Rudall, Paul Gutrecht, Tegan West, Jennifer Dundas, Serena Scott Thomas, Douglas Weston, Eric Stoltz, Rebecca MacLean, Christopher Cartmill, Tom Amandes, David New, Hamish Linklater, Russell Soder, Henri Lubatti, Basil Langton, Sarah Rafferty, Brian George, Amelia White, J.B. Blanc, Matt Gaydos, Missy Yager, Teri Garr, Lisa Pelikan, Tom Beyer, Victoria Tennant, Shirley Knight, Kaitlin Hopkins, Gregory Cooke, Denise du Maurier, Kenneth J. Northcott, Nicholas Pennell, Laura Whyte, Paxton Whitehead, Derek Smith, Pat Carroll, Jon Tindle, Jennifer Albright, Stanton Davis, Richard Dix, David Bryon Jackson, Jason Kravits, Al Espinosa, Micahel Winters
Eight of George Bernard Shaw's most memorable plays in one splendid collection:

Mrs. Warren’s Profession: Shaw pits a clever heroine against a memorable gallery of rogues in this superbly intelligent and still shocking comedy, which was banned for eight years from the English stage after its London debut.

Arms and the Man: Stars Anne Heche as the beautiful, headstrong Raina who awaits her fiancé’s return from battle—but instead meets a soldier who seeks asylum in her bedroom.

Candida: Shaw’s warm and witty play challenged conventional wisdom about relationships between the sexes, as a beautiful wife must choose between the two men who love her.

The Devil’s Disciple: A young hero who disdains heroism makes the ultimate sacrifice for honor and country during the American Revolution, starring Richard Dreyfuss.

Major Barbara: Featuring Kate Burton, this sparkling comedy traverses family relations, religion, ethics and politics—as only Shaw, the master dramatist, can!

The Doctor’s Dilemma: A well-respected physician is forced to choose whom he shall save: a bumbling friend or the ne’er-do-well husband of the woman he loves.

Misalliance: A self-made millionaire and his family invite their future in-law for a visit to their estate. In this delightfully clever play, issues of gender, class, politics, and family are all targets for Shaw’s keen wit.

Pygmalion: Shaw’s beloved play about a irascible speech professor who decides to mold a Cockney flower girl into the darling of high society.
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Издателство: L.A. Theatre Works
Публикувана: 2010-11-25
Дължина: 13ч. 10мин.
ISBN: 9781580817929

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