Robyn Hood of Deadwood - Richard Free

Robyn Hood of Deadwood

Robyn Hood of Deadwood

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Notorious female outlaw Robyn Hood is determined to settle several scores with John Prince after he stole her fathers land, driving him and Robyns mother to an early grave. Now John has discovered gold in the very same river that rightfully belongs to Robyn, but our heroine is darned if shell let him keep it. This delightful topsy-turvy musical version of the Robin Hood story is relocated to the Wild West where Robyn is accompanied by a band of Merry Gals and her devoted admirer is the unfortunately named Marion Wayne. With plenty of speaking roles, a catchy and vibrant musical score, a catapult competition and a full-cast pillow fight, Robyn Hood of Deadwood is an ideal choice for schoolchildren and youth group members aged 10-14. It was first performed in 2013 by Organised Kaos, a theatre group for 7 - 11-year-olds.
Език: Английски Категория: Поезия и драма Преводач:

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Издателство: Vearsa - Samuel French
Публикувана: 2013-12-12
ISBN: 9780573300172

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