Louis the Pious and the Carolingian Kingdoms - Rene Poupardin

Louis the Pious and the Carolingian Kingdoms

Louis the Pious and the Carolingian Kingdoms

3 1 5 Автор: Rene Poupardin
IT was at his winter home at Doué, early in February 814, that Louis of Aquitaine received the news of his father's death, which had been immediately sent to him by his sisters and the magnates who had espoused his cause. It is a difficult matter to discern through the self-interested encomiums of biographers and the calumnies set afloat by political opponents, the real character of the man who had now taken over the burdensome heritage left by the Emperor Charles. Louis, who was at this time thirty-six years old, was, in form and manners, a tall, handsome man, broad-shouldered, with a strong voice, skilled in bodily exercises, fond, as his ancestors were, of the chase, but less easily led away by the seductions of passion and good cheer...
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Издателство: Jovian Press
Публикувана: 2017-12-05
ISBN: 9781537804248

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