Papercuts 6: The Eagle Has Crash Landed - Colin Bateman

Papercuts 6: The Eagle Has Crash Landed

Papercuts 6: The Eagle Has Crash Landed

0.0 0 5 Автор: Colin Bateman
Through world wars and civil strife, the Bangor Express has never missed an issue, but now it is losing money hand-over-fist and Rob Cullen, fresh off the plane from his London news desk, has absolutely no idea that he's the man to save it. Lured back to Northern Ireland for the first time in 20 years by the demise of his one-time mentor, the Bangor Express makes Rob an offer he can't refuse and the Guardian reporter can't resist sticking around. After all, it has been a long time since Rob had a real story to get his teeth in to... and with the Bangor Express, that's just what he's going to get.

Rob is standing outside a local carwash, when a young woman jumps out of a van stopped at a red light and is knocked unconscious. Rob rushes to her rescue and calls her an ambulance. When Alix goes to visit her in hospital, he discovers she is a prostitute who has been trafficked into Ireland from the Czech Republic. Marja has managed to escape her kidnappers, but her friend Anna is still captive at a local brothel. The Bangor Express take matters into their own hands to set her free...
Език: Английски Категория: Криминални Поредица: Papercuts: 6 Преводач:

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Издателство: Head of Zeus
Публикувана: 2016-02-01
ISBN: 9781784973759

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