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The Trial of Ruth Ellis: The Last Woman to be Hanged: A gripping courtroom drama based on the original trial transcript

Автор: Mr Punch Разказвач: Andrew Wincott, Mark Hadfield, Jemma Redgrave, Jeffrey Segal, Robin Welch, David Goodland, Jenny Howe, Terence Edmond Aудиокнига

The Trial of Ruth Ellis – The Last Woman to be Hanged

At 9 a.m. on Wednesday 13th July 1955, Ruth Ellis became the last woman to hang in Britain.

Convicted of shooting her unfaithful lover, David Blakeley, in cold blood, as he stood by his sports car on Easter Sunday - the calm and dignified court appearance of this mother of two young children and the furore that accompanied her sentence, ensured that this trial was to have a memorable place in the annals of British justice.

A full-cast dramatisation starring JEMMA REDGRAVE as Ruth Ellis, with Terence Edmond, David Goodland, Mark Hadfield, Jenny Howe, Jeffrey Segal, Robin Welch and Andrew Wincott

Also available as part of the Great British Trials BOX SET.

The series Great British Trials provides a fascinating glimpse into some of the most notorious crimes and trials of the last 500 years. Using the original trial transcripts, eyewitness accounts and contemporary newspaper reports, we witness the actual events that made each trial a cause célèbre of its day.

“This Mr Punch Production is well worth its while… Jemma Redgrave gives a spirited performance… with a high calibre cast” Talking Business

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