Bully for You

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‘The Darkness at Fall's Creek’ by K.V. Rose

Sometimes it’s not the dead who haunt us.

Terrify us. Torment us.

It’s the living.


I’ve been watching her for two years.

Two years I’ve dominated this college, on and off the court, and she hasn’t looked my way once.

But tonight it’s Halloween.

And tonight, she’s the one who’s getting haunted.

Tonight, she’s going to find out that she’s mine.

‘Hot Off the Press’ by Kori Blue

College reporter Jax North hates working with arrogant rich boy Lucas Hargrove, but there’s an arsonist on the loose, and the sparks are already flying.

Journalism major Jax North has her eye on a scoop that could launch her career, but getting stuck working with arrogant rich boy Lucas Hargrove wasn’t part of the plan. Lucas is stubborn, sarcastic, privileged… all the things Jax can’t stand. Unfortunately, he’s also the hottest guy on campus. He drives Jax crazy in more ways than she could ever have imagined—despite her better judgment—and, when the unlikely duo’s investigation wanders off the beaten track, Jax finds herself in serious trouble.

A series of blazes have broken out across the small college town of Dalesburg, and Jax is trapped with Lucas in a burning building, with more than one fire to put out.

As the heady mix of lust and danger rises higher, the prickling tension between Jax and Lucas reaches fever pitch, and the flames aren’t going to be easy to extinguish.

‘Chasing Charlie’ by Raven McAllan

He’s never had to chase a girl before.

Jake Bannerman, aka Jake the Rake, cock of the sixth form, isn’t used to doing the running, it’s usually the other way round. He hasn’t been give that sobriquet for nothing.

Charlotte—Charlie—Allsop, newly arrived in Scotland is in for a culture shock. She has no time for his attitude and no intention of making his life easy.

If he wants her it’s up to him to make the first move.

Which he does, just not in the way anyone expects.

He teases, she retaliates, he discovers her middle name, she enlists his sister’s help.

As they continue the most unconventional courtship, where neither will give way, sparks fly.

It’s amusing to watch, not so much to be part of it.

Until the cookery contest.

When they both give way and the cookery contest takes second place to their one-upmanship contest.

Or does it?

Will Jake be Jake the no longer rake?

Will he have no need to be Chasing Charlie?

Only time will tell.
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Editora: Totally Bound Publishing
Publicado: 2020-03-31
ISBN: 9781839433771

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