Older Men Younger Women Victorian Bundle - Lovillia Hearst, Elle London

Older Men Younger Women Victorian Bundle

Older Men Younger Women Victorian Bundle

0 0 5 Autor: Lovillia Hearst, Elle London
This explicit erotic bundle contains the following:

Punished In The Stocks

Elizabeth has never been a proper lady, but what she finds out she is to be denigrated by being put into a stock, she is shocked. Everyone in her well-to-do town understands what happens to women in the stocks.

What scares Elizabeth most of all, are her own feelings. She had dreamt of public submission her entire life, and a part of her was always too scared to really give into her desires. She knows that if it came down to it, she would be more turned on than she ever was if someone was to actually do what the rumors talk about...

"Well," She thought to herself, "All that about the stocks is probably just a rumor anyway..."

The Duke's Submissive Mistress

Anabelle is an innocent virgin, which makes her easy pickings for the sophisticated, powerful and married Duke of Tamworth, Richard. What begins as a friendship with his wife soon turns into a game of domination and submission Anabelle will lose every time, as she is torn between her loyalty towards the Duke's wife and her own forbidden desires to be used in every way by the Duke. One thing is certain - the Duke always gets what he wants, and what he wants is nothing short of total submission from Anabelle as he uses her virgin body to fulfill his every last deviant desire. Will Anabelle allow herself to be used or will the guilt overcome her as she becomes 'the other woman' in her best friend's marriage?

Royally Screwed Out Of My Virginity

When Alice overhears two arrogant noblemen wagering who would be the first to take her virginity, she's partially insulted and partially turned on. She had never had two men so openly objectifying her before, and even as she firmly puts them in their place, she can't help but notice her body's reaction to their words.
She would never consider it - or at least, she never thought she would.

So why does she find herself following them to their chambers?

This is an explicit adult only erotic romance set in the victorian era.
Idioma: Inglês Categoria: Erótico Tradutor:

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Editora: Erotic Bundles
Publicado: 2020-03-29
ISBN: 6610000255474

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