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Bred By Knight Bundle

Autor: Juliet Pellizon, Elle London Ebook

This medieval bundle contains the following historical adult stories:

Defiled By The Knights

A young noblewoman secretly arranges a meeting with a handsome, strapping knight visiting the town she resides in. She knows the man lusts after her and her intention is to succumb to his desires. The shock of finding his compatriot is in town with him sends a jolt of emotion through her, since she was barely prepared to share herself with one man...

Bent Over In Public By The Knights

Eleanor is taken by her boring husband on a trip to visit their mother in law, who lives in a castle half a days travel by horse. When they're captured by a group of roving knights, her husband Herald makes a bold challenge to the knights - fight him, and if he wins they will kneel for him and pledge service. If he loses, they can have Eleanor. Before Eleanor has a chance to protest, the challenge is accepted. What Herald doesn't know is that Eleanor isn't terrified - in fact, she's hoping the knights win. If they do, they'll take Eleanor rough, unprotected, and right in front of her husband one by one, and Eleanor isn't going to hold back.

Captured And Ravaged In Public By The Knight

A raid on her village on the eve of her wedding provides the last opportunity for a young woman to get out of a marriage that has been forced on her. Desperate to get away from the man she hates, she begs the leader of the raiding knights to take her away with him. When it happens, she finds she has signed up for a lot more than she originally bargained for... That very evening, as the alcohol flows and the knights celebrate, she is summoned by the leader, only to have her virginity taken in front of everyone!

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