Bred In Public By The Duke

Bred In Public By The Duke

Bred In Public By The Duke


This explicit historical erotic bundle contains the following titles:

Public Humiliation

When Ada gets a new job as a maid at the manor of her crush Lord Samson, she is determined to do her best. However, during her first dinner service her nerves get the better of her and she accidently spills desert into an esteemed guest's lap. Lord Samson decides to make an example out of her right then and there, with a thorough spanking - and he wants to do it in front of every guest. Ada can't help but enjoy it, and as soon as Lord Samson notices he takes full advantage.

The Duke's Submissive Mistress

Anabelle is an innocent virgin, which makes her easy pickings for the sophisticated, powerful and married Duke of Tamworth, Richard. What begins as a friendship with his wife soon turns into a game of domination and submission Anabelle will lose every time, as she is torn between her loyalty towards the Duke's wife and her own forbidden desires to be used in every way by the Duke. One thing is certain - the Duke always gets what he wants, and what he wants is nothing short of total submission from Anabelle as he uses her virgin body to fulfill his every last deviant desire. Will Anabelle allow herself to be used or will the guilt overcome her as she becomes 'the other woman' in her best friend's marriage?

Bred By The Servant

When Sarah is alone with a coachman recently hired by her parents, Duke and Dutchess Berekly, she is expected to be a proper lady. The extremely forward and well hung servant has other plans, however, despite Sarah's virginity.

This is an explicit victorian era erotic romance with a dominant alpha male.


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