Ravaged & Dominated By The Vikings Bundle

Ravaged & Dominated By The Vikings Bundle

Ravaged & Dominated By The Vikings Bundle


This bundle contains the following adult stories that are perfect for all those who love dominant, muscular and BIG alpha males:

Dominated By The Viking

When a Viking horde takes control of her seaside village, Gwen fears they will bring suffering to all. That turns out not to be true, and it quickly becomes clear that the muscular men have other ideas. When three take up residence in her home, she becomes their cook... although it's more than good food they want from her.

Ravaged By The Viking Gang

With a Viking warlord laying siege to the seat of her power, a young Queen makes the decision that surrender is the best chance of saving her people. Submission means marriage, however, and she is claimed by the warlord to unite their kingdoms.

Sexually Impaled By The Viking

The evening before a raiding party leaves her village is more nerve-wracking than the raid itself for Wanda. That’s partly because of the intensity of the celebrations being held in honor of the warriors, but also because she knows that she is coming of age, and in Norse culture that means she is to be claimed...


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