Rawley's Redemption - Carol Lynne

Rawley's Redemption

Rawley's Redemption

3.36 33 5 Verfasser: Carol Lynne
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After unjustly losing his job, ex-Sheriff Rawley Good turns to the one person he has long denied himself, rancher Jeb Greeley. But Rawley soon learns he can't always be the boss when it comes to love. Relationships arent like running a town and a man like Jeb is not about to be dominated-even in the name of love. Though he is no longer the Sheriff of Summerville, Rawley wont back down from his investigation into his brothers shooting. Somethings not right. There is a murderer to catch, corruption to fight and his job to get back. More importantly, Rawley isn't about to walk away from the greatest love of his life. Sheriff or not, Jeb Greeley is the man for him... Now he just needs to convince him of that fact.
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Verlag: Vearsa - Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Veröffentlicht: 2015-07-21
ISBN: 9781784307172

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