Oasis of Eden - Genella DeGrey

Oasis of Eden

Oasis of Eden

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Heiress to the fortune of a world-renowned archeologist, Miss Jaden Poole accidentally defies time and space and stumbles upon the man of her dreams, but must conceal information that could unravel his world. About to graduate from the University of Chicago with a degree in ancient history, flapper Jaden Poole has come to embrace the racy new breed lifestyle. Heiress to the fortune of a prominent archeologist, the thought of following in her fathers footsteps bores her to tears-until she's given the opportunity to decipher a room full of pre-dynastic Egyptian hieroglyphs. Amid the mystical walls, and with at least a fifth of bathtub gin in her belly, she missteps and suddenly finds herself sitting in the sand outside the dig site in the cool of the night. Omari-Commander-Elydian Amuns priority is to control and protect the oasis that supports the city of Anuk-dye, and to keep peace among the people of his camp-even if it means doing the job of a lazy son of a politician and soothing an obstinate, jealous lambish (camp whore). But when a curvy, daring young woman who speaks using strange phrases wanders into his camp, he can think of nothing other than making her his. Jaden knows that they have no place in each others lives-and if she goes all the way with Ely, it will leave a scar on her soul that will last an eternity. After resisting his many passionate demands and experiencing his surprisingly solicitous nature, she decides to give him what he seeks. All too soon it is discovered that not only is Jaden miles from home, but that, through a debacle that is her fault, she may not be able to return.
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Verlag: Vearsa - Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Veröffentlicht: 2015-04-10
ISBN: 9781784304942

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